A catalytic converter uses catalysts to change the dangerous exhaust produced by your car into benign substances. The honeycomb-shaped matrix inside the catalytic converter is brushed with platinum and palladium. Both of these are rare precious metals. When the car’s exhaust flows over the metals, the exhaust is converted from carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and water. Catalytic converters also contain other metals, including rhodium in small amounts. The expectation is for your car’s catalytic converter to last the life of your vehicle. However, occasionally, your catalytic converter will fail and need to be replaced.

A French engineer, Eugene Houdry invented the first catalytic converter in the 1950s. His primary objective to decrease the amount of pollution from industry. It later became worthwhile for cars to use a catalytic converter when the lead in gas was outlawed.

Because mining is tedious and has adverse effects on our environment, recycling your catalytic converter to extract the precious metals is a cost effective alternative. Converter Guy will pay you the top price for your catalytic converter. This national company will accept your scrap converter through the mail and send you a check no matter where you live. Catalytic converter recycling makes sense to help the environment and put cash in your pocket.